Art Cannot Come Before Life

When asked what the best advice he’s ever heard was, he said, “art cannot come before life! You can`t be an artist without your family and friends, life. Even a lovely pet. So I think most important thing is your own life for an artist.”
Young Kyu Yoo was born in Seoul, Korea. He moved to New York in 2005. When he was young, he wanted to become a painter until he discover the Nikon FM2 his father brought home one day, he changed direction and went on to study photography.

Shapes, lines, directions, and movements of all creations (starting from me as a human) are constantly combining and contrasting in multiple dimensions. I want to evoke effects of mirrors, interactions of lines and shapes, and sometimes stages unruled by the fourth dimension time in my own visual vocabulary.




Midsummer 2009 Eye Candy








To the wasted weekends… and many more to come.

Photography: Mutsumi Makino




Amazing photos by Mutsumi Makino. Click here to view more.

Mark Weaver



It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with school and moving to a new place. However, I’m pretty settled here now and pretty much done with school. I have a show coming up, showcasing projects of OTIS seniors. Everyone is invited and I’m posting the details after this post.

I just happened to stumble upon an interesting article on the Good blog. It is about Scott Campbell, who is a tattoo artist who’s shifted mediums—from needles on skin to lasers on greenbacks. His laser-cut stacks of one dollar bills are part of his Make It Rain show and are literally on the money.


Hippy Shit


Hippy Shit is a bi-annual independently published pyschedelic field trip.
Featuring contributions from the most inspiring creatives in the game.
Hippy Shit is curated and published by Bryan Dalton and Alex Harris. A series of limited edition prints coming this summer, so keep your eyes peeled, Volume No. 2 coming this Fall.

work it, make it, do it